Tuesday, 18 January 2011

On the Water

For months nothing happened in Melbourne in terms of nightcaching. Seriously: quiet as a cemetery is still an understatement. I am also not very keen on placing new nightcaches or organising a nightcaching-event. Why? Well it's still the kayak :o)

So I did place some cache and bookmarked them together with other watercaches. The next logic thing is to host a watercache-event and here it is:

Friendly Floatees in Albert Park Lake. We thought about having that event in the bay but then we chickened out and went for the safe option. On the other hand now everyone with a $15 kmart rubber dinghy can attend the event as well. That will be fun.

There is a BBQ are close-by but I want to have a look by myself if that is actually ok and not totally trashed before I put it on the eventpage. And I still have to figure out a way to keep the logbook on the lake.


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