Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cave Clan

Going out there is fun because it's dark. Well there is another way to turn off the light: Just go underground! Back in Germany there is a well-known and famous series of caches in the Bavarian city of Ulm. Those caches set the wheels in motion and you basically find crawling caches all over the country.

You might say that there is no point in crawling into drains but is that really a good argument if you are a geocacher? Thought so :o) By chance I stumbled upon an entrance a few weeks ago but forgot about it soon. I didn't really considered that this would lead anywhere. Maybe 100m or 200m but that's about it. Well I proved myself wrong. Yesterday I got a new torch and that entrance was the perfect opportunity to test it: Off I went.

I walked, climbed ladders, walked, took pictures, walked and admired the waterfall. Yes it was a long way and at one point I found a little inlet to stick my hand out >> I got a GPS fix! Now I stared in disbelieve on my display: I was two kilometres away from where I had started, had crossed a park, several major roads and a railway line and all of that without stopping or waiting for a traffic light. The tunnel did go on but I called it a day and went back.

So there is a whole new world out there waiting to be explored ... errr maybe not. As usual wiki is smarter than I am and it reveals that the Melbourne Cave Clan is exploring the Melbourne underworld since 1986. Now I would expect to find a lot of information online by now but it's quite the opposite. It looks like the original website has been shut down due to the deaths of two sprayers in Sydney. Also going the extra mile through the webarchive doesn't do the trick. 

Back to square one: Gathering the crew and getting into the ground :o)

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  1. "in the Bavarian city of Ulm"
    nunja...nicht wirklich würde ich da sagen ;-)