Friday, 20 May 2011

Yes We are Open

You already might have seen it: I added a little shirt-shop to the nightcaching page. After testing an Australian service provider I decided to go overseas (pistolclothing is crap - I placed an order 3 weeks ago and they don't react to emails). Anyway. Since I am a good guy I decided that all profit goes to charity which will be Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am actually helping them as one of many volunteers next weekend on a fundraising event so I know what they are doing really makes a difference.
Hoodie Men - Glow in the dark

In order to be honest it is not one but two shops - depending on where you are located the pricing and shipping is different. At the moment I am limited to two design - the nightcaching-guy and höpshöps the roo - so I just put some variation of these into the stores.

If you miss any colours or want to have special text, just let me know >> I'll add it for you.

Enjoy and happy retail therapy

Shop OZ / US
Shop Europe

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  1. wenn ich nicht das dumme Gefühl hätte, dass Mädchen-L mir zu klein ist, hätt ich schon lang einen bestellt...