Sunday, 17 July 2011

Pocket Query Maps

So here is a little feature which might not work for long: Displaying PQs on Geocaching Maps. If you want to have a look at your PQ as a map, just klick on the link next to the PQ. If we take the "Melbourne Watercaches" the link would be

And there starts the problem: If you click on that link, you won't see anything because it's the link for the beta maps. You'll only see this map, if you use my log-in.

That isn't really helpful if you want to share this map with a friend and besides the actual cache-type of the caches in the PQ isn't shown either. Bummer. But there is a work-around :o) The old maps are still working!
  • Go to your PQ site and copy the URL of the PQ you're after:
  • Enter "" into the address bar of your browser .
  • Paste the URL you just copied behind that
  • Delete the part "" - effectively you just entered the guid behind the old map link.
  • In my case I ended up with which also works if you don't use my account :)
In my opinion the old map is way better than the new beta stuff. I did a PQ to filter caches, so I don't want to see each and every cache on the map! The old map also shows inactive caches, it shows your caches and the ones you already found and on top of it you can see the cache-type as well. The only strange thing is the blue rectangle but hey - you can't have it all.

Happy mapping!